What is Invisible Spectrum?

Invisible Spectrum is a monthly live storytelling event held in Portland, OR featuring storytellers of color.

Why ‘Invisible Spectrum?’

Because stories of color often go unnoticed. We believe they are a vital thread in the rich tapestry of human experience. This parallels the long spectrum of light beyond the visible that profoundly affects our world.

What is your format?

We have 4 rules:

  1. Stories are true
  2. Stories are told without notes
  3. Stories are about 8 minutes long
  4. Stories fit the theme of the night

Who started this?

Elina Lim started telling stories in Singapore where she launched the nation’s first monthly storytelling event a little over 2 years ago. It has since grown to become the largest of its kind in the country. Since relocating to Portland, she continues to tell stories through Mystery Box and The Moth, and has competed in the Moth Grand Slams this past January. She strongly believe that listening to different lives, perspectives and opinions makes for only more empathy and kindness towards each other.

Why is this important?

There is tremendous power in sharing stories with one another. And when it becomes a struggle to free our attentions from our various screens, listening and telling stories live and in person with one another becomes an even more important means of staying connected to our shared humanity. And as people of color, our stories can add to the rich tapestry of American experience as only we can bring.

Who are the storytellers?

People of color in our community – maybe even you! Pitch us your story ideas to invisiblespectrumstories@gmail.com or to our ‘contact us’ page on the left. Each event will feature 5 storytellers by people of color, plus 3 additional stories as open-mic randomly selected at the event.

Who should come?

Everyone! Absolutely everyone is welcome. Come join us for some amazing stories, possibly your own, and show your support for the community.

But…I don’t see color!

All the more reason to come.

I think this event is racist

We’re sorry that you feel that way. But we invite you to come to our show and listen to our stories first before making up your mind.

I’m scared of confronting race issues with PoC.

We understand. Race issues are touchy, delicate, often heated. But this is meant to be a safe place for everyone. And our themes are universal. If race comes up, it’s because it’s an aspect to our storytellers’ everyday experiences. Ultimately, we want to celebrate our diversity by sharing our stories with each other. Because we only have each other to rely on to make our town, our community, our country a more perfect union.